The Mask

People are never who they appear to be
We all wear masks to show who we want others to see
But in doing so we lose ourselves unknowingly
We take a mask and place it on our face
Allowing ourselves to enter into a new state
For each person in our view we shape and mold someone new
All while leaving behind little bits of what is true
Using partial pieces that cannot fully mend
Creating and conjuring whatever we can
These new mixtures help us to pretend
To portray this ongoing play
These temporary roles that never seem to fade
Line for line
Word for word
Never missing a cue
Failing to realize that we’re losing what is true
These characters are more than a state of mind
It’s a trap and we cannot escape
All these masks will seal our fate
Because even when every role is done
We’ll never remember who we were before it begun


  1. This is so true! I think one thing that I’ve learned the older I’ve gotten is I’m gonna be me, and if no one likes it, that’s ok, I’m better off without them in my life. I also wished that I had learned to be this way when I was a teenager. I would have been so much happier.

  2. Everyone has a mask and different ones for different situations. You are lucky when a person takes down their guard and mask and you get to know the real person which does not happen too often.

  3. We all have a mask that we wear depending on the people we’re interacting with and although it helps us protect ourselves, we shouldn’t really lose sight of who we are. It’s important to be true to ourselves.

  4. Are you publishing this somewhere? You need to!! Love ya, Jen Rispoli

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  5. This is a beautiful poem, and so true. It is natural to want to be liked and accepted, but if we make that our end goal we are forgetting ourselves in the process, as well as denying others the chance to know who we really are. As a reformed people pleaser I truly appreciate the words here. Thank you.

  6. That last line though. The last two years of my life have been refiguring out who I am. It’s a powerful feeling taking off that mask and being you. Beautiful poem

  7. This is so true. I don’t know anyone who really is always totally out there and open. We all put on a mask in one way or another.

  8. Love this. We all have a mask that we wear to hide things and shield life from hurting us. It’s a powerful feeling to take that mask off!

  9. This is lovely. I do me and honestly don’t care who likes it. I have never been able to “mask” the real me.

  10. I used to wear a mask when I was younger because I was scared that people would not like the real me and now I know that its ok to be myself. We can’t please everyone unfortunately nor should we go out of our way to either.

  11. I think everyone has a mask or even a few masks. Just depends on the situation. Mostly we have to remember to be ourselves. Our best selves!

  12. So true and very well written. Something to really think about thats for sure. It’s inspired me, and I now need to write and think about some poems.

  13. You are a wonderful writer. This message is very true. I feel like people are afraid of showing who they truly are in fear of not being accepted. I am now turning 29 and find I am truly happy with myself and if others are not then that is on them.

  14. many people have a mask and I really don’t like that. I try so hard to be the same in every situation.

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