Predators and Prey

There’s a place I know
I once called it home
It’s supposed to be a safe space
Yet predators freely roam
Watching, waiting, planning their next attack
Throwing people into pits
Amused as they try to climb back
Laughing as they stumble
Cheering when they crack
Offering a helping hand
But only to push them back
This time further down, deeper into the ground
They invite their friends to gather round
“We’re here to help you”
That’s what they claim
But in reality, we’re just their prey
Hiding behind the name above all names
Trapping more and more people in their game
But if you point it out, they tell the world that you’re insane
Brothers and sisters this is NOT okay
If you’re experiencing this please know I feel your pain
It’s hard and it hurts
Damn near breaks you
But if I can overcome, you can too
Stand strong in your faith and your Father will set you free
He’ll send a flood to fill the pit
And with the waters, you’ll rise above it
Above the predators
Above their games
Soon they’ll see the error of their ways
But even then, extend them grace
Because it was their own pits that made them predators in the first place



  1. Beautiful insight into a difficult subject that hits close to home for so many of us these days. It’s so hard to not fight back when our culture tells us everything EXCEPT Christianity is acceptable and encouraged. But God is the ultimate Judge, and that brings me comfort!

  2. This hit the nail on the head! Wow and so true. I got chills when I read “And with the waters, you’ll rise above it Above the predators” wow so powerful!

  3. Beautifully written to express pain all too often in our culture. But you are right, if we remain faithful, God will help us to rise up.

  4. I’m thankful that no pit is too deep for the love of God to reach! He is hope even when the pit tries to bury us in it! God will bring us out and through!

  5. “Even then extend them grace” – those words are so often left out. Jesus gave us so much grace, it can be so hard to pass that on, but when you are willing to do so, the beauty of Christ in you shines bright.

  6. Oh, wow! this is such a beautiful way of describing what we’ve probably all gone through at some point. I love how you’ve found a way to deliver this message. Just to great…

  7. Thank you, Kim. For allowing God to flow through you and sharing your gift of writing with us. Sometimes we can put our feeling into words, but God has given your the ability to do so.

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