Tap, tap, tap

Tap, tap, tap
The sound of my anxiety
My hand against the table
‘Cause life is overwhelming me
Tap, tap, tap
The beat goes on
As agony grows strong
Tap, tap, tap
You wouldn’t even know
‘Cause the second it’s over
I jump back into the show
Tap, tap, tap
Let you see a side of me
I’ve been hiding from society
Tap, tap, tap
But if I don’t speak
Someone will take that leap
That jump, that dive, that only way out
So ima keep speaking
I won’t shut my mouth
Tap, tap, tap
The episode is almost over
Hope my honesty has brought some closure


  1. Anxiety is no stranger to me. I’ve always felt like an outsider growing up. It’s a word that’s often casually thrown around but those who live with it understand it’s power. It can be crippling… paralyzing even. Cheers to you for your brave words! Be well…

  2. I understand anxiety all to well myself. It’s amazing how strong you are to share your experience with the world and get back up and keep going even when it’s difficult. Wishing you the best.

    Nicole ~ The Professional Mom Project

  3. What a beautiful poem that has an important message. I don’t struggle with anxiety often (which I am forever grateful of) but when it does hit it can be paralyzing. And it’s something very many people do struggle with on the daily and often don’t discuss. Thank you for being open.

  4. I really like the progression this takes and the way you structure the refrain. Also, even though the poem is about anxiety, I found the message very helpful. It seems to be saying that you are choosing not to let anxiety rule over your life.

  5. I so understand this struggle! It’s always an encouragement to know others are walking a similar road!

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