Maybe, just maybe

Have you ever experienced an abrupt change? A sudden shift? I have.
A sudden shift can be scary. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the shift is negative.
Maybe, just maybe, it means that a new adventure awaits.
After all, life is all about adventures, right?

I cannot count the number of times I made a plan and when I say made a plan I mean I had every single detail down. Yet somehow it still seemed to spiral out of control, slipping further away with each second that passed.
It was no longer what I intended.
Instead, there was a scary, sudden shift. An abrupt change.

Maybe life hasn’t been the adventure you anticipated and maybe you’re not where you intended to go BUT maybe, just maybe, you have ended up exactly where you were intended to be.

Maybe, just maybe, that sudden shift didn’t really spiral out of control but rather set in motion something greater.

Maybe, just maybe, that abrupt change was the adventure after all.

That’s how I’ve chosen to see those abrupt changes.


  1. This is SO true for us as a military family. We had some changes all within the past few months after we made plans. But, seeing the change as the adventure is something I didn’t think of like that.

  2. Change is an adventure. I love that perspective 🙂 No one likes change, but this was an excellent reminder to appreciate each shift, trusting God through it all.

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