Little Late Night Reminder

How many times have I sat down at my laptop to write only to stare at my screen making a mental checklist of all the things that need to get done in and for the house, wondering what activities I could be doing with my BabEs or how I could help my husband?
But none of these things are for me.
Writing – that is for me.
Yet somehow it’s usually put at the bottom of my list (if it even happens at all).

Today a dear friend of mine pointed out that this is something I struggle with. Actually, his exact words were, “You’ve forgotten how to put yourself first, which you should. The better you are, the better your family will be.”
Upon reading that text, my eyes watered.

There’s an immense difference between selfish and self-care.
I have a hard time remembering that.
Today I was reminded.
And tonight I’d like to remind you.
Take the time to do something for yourself this week.

Don’t wash those dishes and dive into that book you bought months ago that is now collecting dust on your nightstand, say yes to that friend who’s been wanting to meet for coffee and chat, try that new yoga class or whatever it is that you haven’t been able to enjoy doing in a while.

Now, this part is important…don’t feel bad about it!

As for me, I have this beautiful new journal just waiting to be written in.



  1. Loved this so much I just had to share!!! Writing is also my thing I do for me! You are your best self when you are happy! Which effects everyone around you!

  2. Such an important reminder. It’s so easy once you have a husband and children and a job to put yourself last or to feel guilty if you’re doing something self-indulgent. But we all need our own time and as they say, a happy wife/mom makes for a happier family! xo

  3. This a.m. instead of sitting at the computer I went to get my nails done… b/c I knew I needed a break from this thing!

  4. I think most women put themselves last on their lists, but it’s always important to find balance and to find a reason to do what feeds your soul.
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