Francis Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “A new world…breathing dreams like air…” I certainly felt like I was breathing my dreams like air this past weekend.

And it was wondrous.

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About three years ago I wrote a blog about a woman named Ellie who was tormented by nightmares of her childhood sexual abuse. I ended this particular blog admitting that Ellie was me. A whirlwind of comments and private messages followed. Women I had never met before began opening up about their own trauma. I was immediately moved to continue sharing Ellie’s story. Ellie (although originally stemming from my own suffering) became a name to bear the burdens, the scars and secrets, of ALL women.

This past Sunday I celebrated the first installment of my Ellie’s story trilogy called Unveiling Ellie.

With the help of an amazing friend, Zaibel Torres of ZaiPhotography, a special edition was created. As you flip through the pages of this version of Unveiling Ellie you will see 17 women of different ages, races, shapes and sizes. Each one representing Ellie.
I want women to open this book and see someone that looks like them, someone with the same scars and secrets. I want to provide hope to the hopeless and light in the darkness. I want others to know that they are not alone.

Becoming a publishing author has been a dream of mine since childhood and seeing that dream come true still feels so surreal. Maybe that’s because I created more than just a book. I created a movement. You see, we are all Ellie.

If I’m honest, I tried to cancel this celebration, twice. But my husband said and I quote, “You’re not stopping me from celebrating my wife dammit!” I will always be thankful for those words because it was indeed a ravishing gathering.

So much laughter. So much love. So much joy. So much breakthrough.

Unveiling Ellie is my ode to every woman, everywhere who has ever felt she needed to keep her scars and secrets hidden from sight.

Order your own copy of Unveiling Ellie today.

Kimberly Cruz-Lopez

P.S. Please enjoy this beautiful promo of the second installment Ellie Exposed courtesy of another dear friend of mine AJ Lovelace


  1. Oh wow, that’s quite the accomplishment. And what a great way to turn around that experience and make it something powerful to help other women (and men.) Congratulations on the book!

  2. Congrats on being published, and for overcoming your trauma, and filling your life with loving people who support you through it all.
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. WOW! You are so inspiring – congrats on your published story and thank you for sharing something so personal ❤

  4. I love that you have taken your experiences and turned it into something so powerful. It is amazing what sharing your story can do for others. Congratulations!!!

  5. AMAZING! Congrats on being published!!! Also thanks for sharing your story. You really have no clue how many people you are helping by sharing!

  6. Amazing! You are so brave to share your story with so many, and it will truly help so many who have shared similar experiences find ways to heal. Congratulations on being published!!

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