Originally, I had intended to share this on New Year’s Eve yet here we are eleven days into January and it was just sitting here, unfinished.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Our minds are everywhere all at once, ALL. THE. TIME.
We constantly find ourselves feeble, worn out, weary and ready to throw in the towel.
We literally watch time slip through our fingers and we still hadn’t gotten that thing done; the thing that actually brings us joy because it was lost amongst the chaos of our complicated lives, amongst our mundane, neverending checklist, amongst all the other things that require our attention before we give it to ourselves.
I believe that’s because our time and energy are on the wrong things.
Okay, maybe not wrong.
But definitely not on what should take precedence.

What do you aspire to accomplish?
Do your top priorities line up with that target?
If the answer is no, what can you do to change that?

I’ve been reading this book by Emily Ley and within the first few pages she says,

“When we pare down life to its simplest, most beautiful basic parts, we’re left with room to enjoy each other, to rest and to truly savor life with all our hearts, minds and spirits.”


This year my top priority is to live an intentional, simplified life; to choose less so I can have more, to eliminate the excess and enjoy the extra, to take every aspect of my life and analyze it.
Does this thing bring me joy?
Will this person or place bring me closer to a peaceful life?
Will saying yes to this task force me to say no to another that deserves my yes?
Does this take away from me?

I don’t have all the answers.
Not yet.
But I believe if I’m intentional with each and every step I take, the path I am paving will be fluid and full for years to come.


  1. 11 days into January and somehow, this was posted in perfect timing! What seemed like a delay to you, was on time with everything I’ve been feeling!
    So Thank you !

  2. This is one of my greatest motivations to simple living. When I started paring down the clutter in my life (digital, physical, and social) I started to have more time for what truly mattered. It isn’t always easy, but when you live with intention the path becomes clearer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Love this post! I can totally relate as I have several posts in draft form. It is definitely beneficial to keep things simple and focus on one thing at a time. Cheers to being Intentional!

  4. I have been seeing a lot since the start of this year about how people should analyze their life and possessions and decide what brings them joy. My husband and I are going to be moving this year and I want to try to do this with the “stuff” in our home. If it doesn’t bring us joy why exactly are we keeping it? I’m not sure if it will work or make our lives simpler, but I want to try.

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