Words Matter

While filling out an ambassador application earlier I was asked a personal question and this was my answer…

Words are incredibly important! The words we hear, the words we say, the internal words in our head and heart.

I grew up in an urban area – where people were expected to fail; to fall prey to things like gang violence, teen pregnancy, living off the state, etc. In fact, I was even told that I specifically would become one of those people who fell prey (by a teacher no less). Those words marked my life. Those words planted a seed in me. A plan. A plan to prosper despite what I was told, despite where I was from and to use HER hurtful words to remind me to always use MY words to heal, to empower and encourage, to bring love and light to everyone I encounter, especially other women.

I was too young, too naive to fully understand that she was trying to knock me down. But when I did, I came back up swinging. Now I’m always ready and willing to stand in the corner with the next woman to help her with her fight; to cheer her on, to coach her, to yell “tag me in” and beat the beast of destructive words before the sound of the bell.

Words are incredibly important and it’s my personal mission to change the world with mine.

I’d like to remind someone today that words matter – the words you hear, the words you believe, the words you say to others and the words you say to yourself, both out loud and silently. This reminder isn’t coming from a place of perfection (or a perfect person) because let me tell you, I struggle too! But that doesn’t define me. And it doesn’t define you.

What words are in your life? What words are you choosing? Do you need someone in your corner? If so, come find me! Let’s win this fight together!

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