I haven’t had my license very long, in fact, it’ll be two years next month. Just the thought of driving would make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I came to find that it was the possibility of a car accident that triggered this level of anxiety.

Last Monday this fear stared me right in the face.

I had been sitting in my car for about 7 minutes, traffic had come to a complete stop (as it often does around 5 o’clock on i95), I had just received a text saying, “Ok drive safe” when the cars slowly started to inch forward. Finally! Some movement. I was eager to get where I was going, as I’m sure all the other drivers were. After about five miles of steady movement, I noticed two cars ahead was someone driving absolutely terrible. They were swerving left and right, speeding up then suddenly breaking and I remember saying, “God please get this person off the road before they hurt someone.
That’s when it happened.
They slammed on their breaks and the car in front of me crashed right into them. I swerved so quickly to the left I swear I just missed the barrier then BAM the car that was behind me was rear-ended.
Two collisions.
One directly in front of me.
One directly behind me.
Tears immediately filled my eyes and my entire body started to shake.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life.


I am alive. I am safe. I am okay.
I must’ve repeated that to myself several times throughout the night.

I’m not sure what scary moments you’ve experienced lately (or if you’ve even experienced any) but this morning I’d like to remind you that you are alive, you are safe and you are okay. So many of us dread Monday’s but these are three small but significant reasons to be thankful today.


  1. How incredibly scary that must have been! I’ve been a witness to a few crashes that have happened around me and barely missed me and it definitely gives you a new perspective! Glad you are ok!

    1. So sorry this happened to you! I appreciate your perspective about gratitude. Yes, if I am alive, safe and okay, then Mondays don’t seem like a big deal at all. Glad you were okay in this situation.

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