Thank You

I love January – it’s the first month of a new year. I spend a great deal of time reflecting during the last week of December and the first week of January. What will I do with the next 365 days? And as I scroll through social media I can see I’m not the only one. I love seeing first day of the new year photos and videos, mantras, resolutions and words of the year. I love reading about those who did (and didn’t) accomplish their goals for the previous year and how it influences how they will handle this one.

I’d like to share one of mine with you. It’s simple but strong. It’s…thankyou
This is my 2020 mantra. These are the words I aim to start and end my day with (and use many times in between). By its very definition it means acknowledging a gift. And life is a gift. Right now this moment is a gift. Each and every second is a gift, whether good or otherwise.
Within my time of reflection I found myself whispering, “Thank you” to God time after time. I realized I didn’t stop to say it enough in 2019, especially during the more trying times. And yes, even those times were a gift. So this year I’m adamant about saying thank you.

Thank you for my loved ones for without them I’d feel alone
Thank you for the hurts and hardships because they’ve allowed me to grow
Thank you for the good for it has taught me to always have hope
Thank you for this moment because the next is unknown

Thankfulness is truly a treasure. Thankfulness amplifies joy and you deserve joy. So, if you struggle with acknowledging the gift of life, try this with me. Together we can shift our perspective, we can start a new chapter in our story, we can say thank you.

“If we only say one prayer let it be thank you.” – Unknown

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