Tory’s Choice

I had a friend, let’s call her Tory
Her very last wish was to tell her story
So I’m here today to spread the news
In hopes that it can save one of you

She died that day, trying to escape
She was running from a place
A place she called home
But in this home she was a drone
Merely a machine
Continually acting out these scenes
A place where contentment was just a dream
Because once she had it, she was on to the next thing
Unable to see it was a scheme
A strategic ploy, some sick trick
Because she was too distracted to face it
You know, that thing she tried to hide
That thing slowly killing her inside
Allowing herself to wither away
To fade more and more with each day
Rather than stand and say, “Hey!
Hey! Help me, please
Because she was too embarrassed by what was underneath
Embarrassed by the truth that she is to blame
Embarrassed that she chose to play the game
Embarrassed that she chose to engage
Engage in the very foreplay that caused her decay
Enticed by a lie that led her astray
A lie that led directly to her grave
She died that day, trying to escape
But her death wasn’t in vain, you see, she died for me
So that I could be set free
From the choices I’ve made that took from my happy

Please understand there is so much at stake
Be very careful with the choices you make
Don’t fall for the lie, don’t fall into the trap
Because Tory is gone and she’s never coming back

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