There’s a small young girl, not even 10 years of age
She’s laying down in her bed with her blanket wrapped around her tight
She’s whispering
What is she whispering?
There are footsteps
“Please not tonight”
The doorknob twists and and creeps open
He walks in with a sinister smirk
She sees his shadow on the wall and begins to shake
“Please protect me” she whispers again
“Precious,” his wicked voice whispers
She slowly begins to curl up in a ball
He closes the door behind him and chuckles
She lay frozen
He rips the blanket off and begins to tug on her clothes
She tries to stop him but to no avail
Instead he smiles again
He likes it when she fights back, it amuses him
He holds her down
She squirms
His pants are already at his feet and he wastes no time
He’s already forced himself inside her
Deeper and deeper with every second
She’s bleeding
She feels like something is ripping
She starts to cry as she screams, “Stop!”
But he just puts his hand over her mouth and goes deeper
“Stop” she muffles
Tears rolling down her face
But he doesn’t
In and out, in and out
Deeper and deeper each time
He stops for a second and takes a deep breath as he looks at her with a grin
She covers her face with her small hands
He whispers something
She cringes in fear by the sound of his voice
He strokes her leg then pulls up his pants
He creeps open the door once more and disappears into the dark
She lay there in anguish
“I hate you God!” she cries, “You never protect me!”

Ellie wakes up drenched in sweat. Her body trembling. Her heart thrashing. It’s completely silent but she could still hear the little girl crying for help. She sits up and takes three deep breaths. It was the same dream for the fourth time this week. She walks to the bathroom, pats some water on her face, glimpses into the mirror and sees the little girl looking back at her. “Why didn’t He help me?” Ellie closes her eyes and starts to cry. It’s been years now and she’s still taunted by these vivid dreams. I know because Ellie is me.