Brighter Than The Darkness

April 19th marks the anniversary of the last time I planned to commit suicide. It’s been ten years since then. Today I’d like to share something I’ve spoken about before with the hope that it reaches the person who needs it today… For far too long I sought the approval of others and set myContinue reading “Brighter Than The Darkness”

Secrets of a Sinner

I’ve cried I’ve prayed I’ve tried Yet nothing’s changed All the pain still feels the same Are you happy God? Are you entertained? Feels like I’m about to burst Might be better to become one with the earth They say we’re born to die And I’ve tried three times Yet death I cannot seem toContinue reading “Secrets of a Sinner”

Predators and Prey

There’s a place I know I once called it home It’s supposed to be a safe space Yet predators freely roam Watching, waiting, planning their next attack Throwing people into pits Amused as they try to climb back Laughing as they stumble Cheering when they crack Offering a helping hand But only to push themContinue reading “Predators and Prey”