Reflection Connection

Reflection Connection is a sisterhood.


Society has taught and trained women to be rivals. From an early age we play this game of better; better education, better job, better husband, better home, better children. Instead of seeing women to thrive with, we see women who threaten us so we knock each other down rather than lifting each other up. What would happen if women start to seek sisterhood? What would the world look like if we celebrate rather than compare? What if we care more about collaboration than competition? What would we do differently if we truly believe that her success is my success? How much stronger would we be if we knew that we could cover each other’s hurts and help each other heal?


A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle and right now the world seems so dark.It needs your light. It needs my light. How much brighter would we shine if we came together? So take my hand sister, let’s stand side by side and ignite a fire that will consume the darkness that is trying to take over our world!

Reflection Connection is currently held once a year at various locations within the state of Connecticut.
Join us for Reflection Connection 2020