What Readers Are Saying About Unveiling Ellie

“Unveiling Ellie is a powerful testament to life’s hardships and happiness. It not only relates to all women but it also encourages us by providing awareness that we are not alone. This gripping tale of pain and suffering pulls at your heartstrings and leaves you wanting more.
I highly recommend this book!”
– Rosemary Olavarria

“Kimberly has a beautiful way of connecting with her readers. She allows people to securely touch on the parts of their own story that has made them feel afraid or guilty – making us all realize that the uncomfortable parts of us are the parts that make us whole. She connects faith with truth which inspires even the least religious people.”
– Arielle Diaz

“Unveiling Ellie is so raw. It spoke to a very vulnerable, very dark part of my life. So much emotion pours through that it made me open up to God about those parts. Kimberly talks about the things a lot of women don’t want to talk about and knowing someone else can relate is such a blessing.”
– Becky Robles

“Kimberly pulls at the reader’s heartstrings. I was on a rollercoaster of emotions, eagerly racing through each poem to find out what would happen next. The imagery she uses brings the story to life. The way she interlaces hope into the joys but also the sorrows, sometimes all in the same poem, blew me away. This book unveils us all. Art is meant to reveal us, cause us to face our truths and allows us to heal.
Kimberly is a true artist.”
– Kimani Sioux